How to choose a good electrostimulator

Electrotherapy is highly effective in treating various conditions. In fact, it has been widely used in physiotherapy for several years.

Electrostimulation is a highly versatile therapeutic technique. In fact, it is used in the fields of physiotherapy, sports, rehabilitation and even aesthetics, with remarkable results in terms of effectiveness in each of these areas.

In the field of physiotherapy, it has been noted that a good electrostimulator is as effective as a TENS device, useful in controlling pain in both the acute and chronic phases, allowing part of the professional treatments carried out by physiotherapists in their practices to be continued at home.

What is the electrostimulator used for?

The main purpose of using an electrostimulator is to activate the muscles by means of electrical stimuli in place of or in parallel with the voluntary stimuli we normally activate in order to make a movement. We used to think that electrostimulators are used in the sports sector, but in reality it is a valuable aid in other areas.

In physiotherapy, it is used as a muscle relaxant and pain relief tool, to reduce both muscle contractures and pain through TENS stimulation, with positive effects already in the first sessions of use. In this case, the perceived pain is reduced, but not the cause of the inflammatory state, which must be investigated with an expert.

In addition, it is the ideal tool for performing iontophoresis treatments, which are used to treat hyperhidrosis or to make the active ingredients of a drug assimilate more effectively into biological tissues. But not only! Being a multipurpose therapy, it is ideal for helping the recovery of denervated muscle, but also for draining excess fluid and doing small aesthetic treatments such as lipolysis, shaping, microlifting or toning muscles.

The main features of a good electrostimulator

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The best electrostimulators must boast effectiveness and safety. For an electrostimulator to be effective, it does not necessarily have to be professional, but it must have certain characteristics that identify it as such, going beyond mere aesthetic aspects.

Knowing these characteristics is essential in order to be able to choose which electrostimulator to buy and thus use a tool that is effective and safe in order to achieve the best possible results.

So which electrostimulator to choose?

Not all users have the technical skills that doctors and physiotherapists have. Let us therefore consider the main characteristics that an instrument should possess in order to be considered one of the best electrostimulators and to function optimally in all possible fields of application:

  1. Wave type: for best results, it is recommended to purchase devices that transmit pulses via compensated biphasic rectangular waveforms. This type of waveform is necessary to optimise the results, improve the level of comfort during the session as well as being the best solution to avoid discomfort and pain by preventing localised polar chemical effects.
  2. Constant current generator: A high-quality electrostimulator must be able to adapt dynamically to the muscles it stimulates. To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, it is essential that the instrument delivers the necessary current within the set time. The constant current generator is distinguished by its ability to adapt to the various impedances or resistances of the tissues (such as skin and adipose tissue) between the electrodes and the motor neurons to be stimulated. It is crucial that the generated impulse accurately simulates voluntary muscle contractions for optimal results.
  3. Volume, weight and ease of use of the device: it is recommended to use a device that is light, compact and easy to use. Characteristics other than these may compromise the treatment in the long run and make therapy less comfortable.
  4. Battery-powered: being able to use the device away from home unplugged allows you to benefit from it at all times, as well as ensuring maximum safety by meeting the requirements of the latest safety standards. In addition, the battery ensures maximum freedom of movement during therapy.
  5. Quality of cables, electrodes and connectors: the quality of accessories is an essential characteristic of a good medical device. It is essential that the electrodes are of high quality and are replaced regularly, usually after about 10-15 sessions. It is important to monitor the condition of the self-adhesive electrodes and replace them when their adhesion decreases or when pulse transmission becomes less effective, compromising the comfort, effectiveness and, above all, safety of the treatment, regardless of the intensity used.
  6. Good customer service: it is important to have good communication and support from the manufacturer, both in the decision-making phase and especially after the purchase. It is important to be able to contact the manufacturer by telephone or e-mail to receive technical support in using the electrostimulator.
  7. The channels: The best electrostimulators on the market have four channels, a common feature among professional and high-end electrostimulators. However, there are also equally effective electrostimulators with only two channels. The number of channels guarantees the instrument’s maximum ductility, making it possible to treat several muscle groups at the same time and adapt the intensity for each channel, without losing power. There are 2-channel devices on the market that offer satisfactory performance. The choice between 2- or 4-channel devices depends on the intended use and the available budget. However, it is important not to neglect the technical specifications and safety of the device, regardless of the number of channels.

Does the electrostimulator really work for muscles?

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The effectiveness of the electrostimulator, in terms of improving muscle performance, works very well both for muscle recovery in physiotherapy and in sport as a support tool. Induced electrical stimulation acts selectively on the muscles that are stimulated to contract in a specific way. Depending on the programme selected, one can increase the strength, tone or endurance characteristics at the level of the muscle district being worked on or reduce pain.

What do electrostimulators do?

Electrostimulators trigger an induced electrical contraction at the muscle level. This contraction has a direct training effect on the muscle groups concerned.

The use of specific programmes for pain control, such as TENS stimulation can reduce the perception of pain, thus helping to improve the state of well-being in the treated area. This is made possible by the specific features of the programme used.

Which electrostimulator to choose

In order to choose the best electrostimulator we must take into account both the quality of the product (physical characteristics mentioned in the previous paragraph) and the programmes required. An electrostimulator designed to perform only pain-relief programmes will not be able to stimulate muscles for muscle strengthening or denervatisation treatments. So opting for a more comprehensive device that allows you to perform different treatments could be the right investment for your well-being.

In our range of electrotherapy devices you can choose from 2-channel devices for every need:

is the specific electrostimulator for treating pain, thanks to its 20 TENS programmes.

the electro-stimulator for rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic purposes. If you are an amateur sportsman, this is the ideal 2-channel device both to recover from injuries and minor discomforts and to support your physical activity.

the device designed to strengthen your muscles after an operation or to prepare you for competitions. Thanks to free memories, you can customise your treatments even more.

is the most complete 2-channel electrostimulator for treating pain, rehabilitating your muscles and performing specific treatments such as rehabilitation of denervated muscle, iontophoresis (ideal for treating hyperhidrosis) and acting to combat female and male incontinence.

If, on the other hand, you want to invest in a more powerful and high-performance device, you can choose from our 4 independent channel electrostimulators. Designed to treat up to 4 muscle groups simultaneously

this is the device that allows you to tone and strengthen your muscles, but also to reduce pain and recover from injuries.

if you are an athlete, this is the device for you. Improve your performance by using it before and after training or to recover from an injury. It also allows you to carry out programmes for aesthetic purposes to enjoy a moment of pampering and relaxation.

the ideal support if you are a professional athlete or work with a sports team. A wide range of rehabilitation, analgesic, and strengthening programmes to treat and improve several muscle groups together. This electrostimulator is used in a clinical trial in cooperation with the German Space Agency.

the most comprehensive 4-channel device, designed for sports and rehabilitation specialists. It includes specific programmes for treating denervated muscle, for iontophoresis sessions and for female and male incontinence. It has been used in post-arthroplasty clinical trials and Covid patients.

As we have seen, electrotherapy is an excellent ally for those who need to relieve pain in certain areas of the body and carry out specific rehabilitation treatments, but also for doing sports and draining excess fluid. If you are looking for a good electrostimulator that suits your needs, you are in the right place. We have a wide range of devices for electrostimulation and we can provide you all the assistance you need.

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