The company

The health system in the field of pain therapy and rehabilitation is profoundly changing. Institutions around the world are promoting the decentralisation of basic health services, in favour of home therapy, within an ecosystem led by digital medicine.

In this context, I-Tech Medical Division is at the forefront in improving patients’ health and quality of life, as well as in supporting caregivers.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of electromedical devices, yet we are not simply manufacturers. We take care of the patient, from the design and development of devices to customer service. Before, during and after purchase. Yes, we take care of you throughout treatment until the issue is resolved, providing you with easy-to-use devices and accompanying you in their use.

All our products are certified by the Italian Ministry of Health.

In addition, we support and train our partners to give you the best possible buying experience. We assist doctors and health professionals through clinical studies of international value and are constantly engaged in research and specific training on therapeutic techniques.

All this is made possible thanks to the work of a team of more than 80 people including employees, agents and medical advisors (in addition to the support of our retailers, suppliers and partners).

But we could not achieve all our goals without the presence of and adherence to our own values by many doctors, physiotherapists and experts in the health, sports and veterinary sectors.


1963 - 1995
The birth of IACER

IACER Srl – owner of the I-Tech Medical Division brand – was founded in 1963 thanks to Venetian entrepreneur Mario Caprara. Initially dedicated to the sale of air-conditioning and heating systems, the company eventually entered the mobile phone market, where it remained until the mid-1990s.

In 1995, IACER began to distribute electromedical devices nationwide. In 2004, upon Massimo Marcon joining the company as Sales Director, IACER finally became a manufacturer. This transformation led to the creation of the I-Tech Medical Division brand in 2008, a year that coincided with the arrival of Matteo Zennaro at the helm of the technical department.

In just a few years, I-Tech Medical Division has grown to become one of the leading players in the international medical sector.

1995 - 2017
Entry into the electromedical devices market

2017 - present
A new era

2017 marked the beginning of a new era with much corporate change. Massimo Marcon and Matteo Zennaro took over the company’s leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer respectively, revolutionising the company in just 5 years.

In the midst of this, a pandemic highlighted the strengths of IACER: courage and determination. A massive investment in diagnostics and personal protection devices rendered the company one of the few to have large stocks of digital saturometers and thermometers. During the lockdown periods, IACER donated some 5,000 saturometers and thermometers to hospitals, regions, civil protection, schools, voluntary associations and non-profits, providing citizens who were struggling the most with devices that were difficult to find at the time. During this period, the company became a point of reference for thousands of pharmacies.

In 2022, the new 3,200-square-metre headquarters was inaugurated in Scorzè (VE). With it was also a large educational area to host events and conferences for universities and health professionals. This forms a solid basis on which to develop future projects for I-Tech Medical Division, including those related to the world of digital medicine and telerehabilitation.