Placing the solenoids in PEMF therapy

Positioning of solenoids in magnetotherapy

PEMF therapy in the lumbar area

The solenoids are located inside a two-tone belt in the shape of a bum bag.

To treat lumbago, osteoarthritis and contractures, it is necessary to position the belt with the green side (positive field) in contact with the skin on the lumbar region. It is important to keep the belt in close contact with the body in the area where the pain is felt.

Magnetoterapia lombare

PEMF therapy in the cervical area

Application is very simple. The side of the belt in contact with the area to be treated must always be the green side.

If pressure on the neck does not cause you any discomfort, you can sit or lie down. However, it is advisable to carry out the treatment while sitting and making sure that the magnetic field is centred as much as possible in the required area.

With this application it is possible to treat osteoporosis, cervicalgia, arthritis and contractures of the cervical area.

Magnetoterapia cervicale

Shoulder PEMF therapy

The green side (positive) is that which is always in contact with the body.

It is possible to treat many diseases and conditions of this complex joint, from fractures to scapulo-humeral periarthritis, to muscle contractures near the shoulder joint.

Magnetoterapia spalla

Hip PEMF therapy

In the image you can see the position of the solenoids while treating the coxofemoral region.

Through this application, coxarthrosis, inflammatory processes, osteoporosis and contractures of periarticular muscles can be treated.

Also in this type of treatment, the positive magnetic field (green side) is to be kept in contact with the body in the area to be treated.

Magnetoterapia anca

Wrist PEMF therapy

Simply wrap around the wrist so that the magnetic field completely surrounds it, always keeping the positive green part in contact with the part of the body to be treated. It is not necessary for the whole belt to be perfectly in contact. Just make sure that the wrist is inside the belt.

This application is suitable for the treatment of union deficits in the case of fractures, localised osteoporosis, tendonitis, arthritis and carpal tunnel.

Magnetoterapia polso

Knee PEMF therapy

It is necessary to place the solenoids on the area to be treated, as in the image.

The application is suitable for the treatment of delayed union, tendonitis of the lateral ligaments and arthritic or arthrosis processes of the knee.

If the position is uncomfortable or painful, it is possible to place a rolled towel under the popliteal fossa and, by slightly bending the knee, the discomfort with disappear.

Magnetoterapia ginocchio

Ankle PEMF therapy

It is necessary to wrap the ankle so that the belt surrounds the entire joint, thus achieving maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

It is most commonly applied in the case of arthrosis or arthritic processes, osteoporosis and union deficit following fractures, tendinitis and sprains.

Magnetoterapia caviglia

PEMF therapy at the elbow joint

The image shows one of the possible applications for the elbow.

By moving the belt slightly in the direction of the hand, the entire joint can be covered.

Moving away it even further from the elbow, it is possible also to treat the flexor-extensor muscles of the hand, the epicondyle and epitroclea (for the treatment of specific tendinitis).

The application is suitable for the treatment of diseases and conditions such as osteoarthritis and delayed union following fractures.

Magnetoterapia gomito

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